Business Challenges

  • Customer wanted to build a online exam platform for students, corporates and universities
  • A complex solutions needed to developed with following features:
    – Online exams even on low internet speed
    – Smart proctoring
    – Online results
    – Online courses
    – Online Videos

Project Highlights

  • We built a smart scalable solution within 4 months from inception
  • Features
    – All types of online exams
    – Robust Proctoring
    – Customized exams fully controlled by client
    – Instant results and customizable reports
    – Secured and hosted on Amazon AWS
    – Simultaneous exam of lakhs of users
    – Different sets of test papers created dynamically to avoid paper leakages.

Customer Benefits

  • The platform was built in 6 months.
  • Customer was able to reach out to its client and product has started inception at various places
  • Customer started getting ROI as early as within 6 months

Online Exam Platform